Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny - meetings and agendas

Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny

These meetings are taking place virtually. You can watch the meetings online, either live or after the meeting has happened.

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Overview and Scrutiny is the process whereby Executive decision-makers are held to account by non-Executive Councillors.

The Committee examines corporate and central services including cross-cutting issues, such as the budget, in order to determine value for money and to monitor an overview of the performance of the council.

Chair / Vice-Chair

  • Chair: Councillor Paul Duckett
  • Vice-Chair: Councillor John Chatterley


  • Councillor Ian Bond (Conservative)
  • Councillor John Chatterley (Conservative)
  • Councillor Paul Duckett (Conservative)
  • Councillor Charles Gomm (Conservative)
  • Councillor Gareth Mackey (Independent)
  • Councillor Edward Perry (Conservative)
  • Councillor Brian Saunders (Conservative)
  • Councillor Peter Snelling (Liberal Democrats)
  • Councillor Tracey Wye (Independent)


  • Councillor Ken Ferguson (Conservative)
  • Councillor Susan Goodchild (Liberal Democrats)
  • Councillor Philip Spicer (Conservative)
  • Councillor Mark Versallion (Conservative)
  • Councillor Adam Zerny (Independent)