Corporate Parenting Panel - meetings and agendas

Corporate Parenting Panel

The Corporate Parenting Panel supports the council to ensure that it is fulfilling its duties towards those children looked after corporately. It also oversees the services provided to children and young people in care.


  • Councillor Sue Clark (C)
  • Councillor Silvia Collins (IN)
  • Councillor Amanda Dodwell (C)
  • Councillor Susan Goodchild (LD)
  • Councillor Carole Hegley (C)
  • Councillor Gareth Mackey (IN)
  • Councillor Gladys Sanders (C)
  • Councillor Tracey Stock (C)


  • Councillor Ray Berry (C)
  • Councillor David Bowater (C)
  • Councillor Yvonne Farrell (LD)
  • Councillor Mark Versallion (C)
  • Councillor Tracey Wye (IN)