Appointments Sub-Committee - meetings and agendas

Appointment Sub-Committee

The Appointment Sub-Committee is responsible for the appointment of Directors within the Council. It is also responsible for recommending to Full Council the appointment of the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and the Monitoring Officer. The Sub-Committee is formed of Members from the General Purposes Committee and meets as and when required.

Composition of the committee is drawn from the members of the Appointment Committee and all Executive Members. Membership of each appointment sub-committee will be published as determined.

Agendas, reports and minutes

These meetings are scheduled as and when required.

The agendas, reports and minutes for these meetings are all available via the links below. All papers are normally available in public unless there is a specific reason why they must be considered confidential. To view papers for any of the meetings of this body please click on the links below.

Committee dates

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