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Personal Educational Plan (PEP) and the Virtual School

The Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a statutory requirement.

Guidance on completing the PEP

Please read the following information carefully before completing the PEP.

The document can be saved and returned to at a later date, so please follow the instructions carefully and keep the form number and your password secure. Once completed, you will be given the opportunity to print it. When you choose this option you will be able to save it as a PDF file.

Please note: once submitted, no further changes can be made. We strongly recommend you send the link to the PEP to the education adviser or Virtual School Head before you submit it, so they can check the content.

Once submitted, it will be sent automatically as a PDF to the virtual school.

Please note that there are several mandatory fields; if not completed, you will be unable to submit the form. For any mandatory fields not relevant to you, 'N/A' can be entered.

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All children in care must have a Personal Education Plan as part of their care plan. The care plan is incomplete without a current PEP. The PEP should be initiated by the child’s social worker, in partnership with the designated teacher for looked-after children at the school.

Best practice indicates that PEP meetings should take place when a child/young person changes schools.

The Personal Education Plan:

  • is a record of educational progress
  • is a way of promoting the educational achievement of a young person in care (view Outcomes for children looked after by LAs: 31 March 2018 report on GOV.UK)
  • is a mechanism for consulting, listening to and involving the young person in their educational progress
  • process should strengthen joint working
  • is intended to enhance continuity and raise the expectations and self esteem of the young person
  • acknowledges achievement and celebrates success

Guide for new designated teachers

First PEP protocol

PEP Protocol for designated teachers and social workers

Quality Assurance of PEPs

Exemplar PEP KS1

Exemplar PEP KS2

Exemplar PEP KS3

Exemplar PEP KS4