School Organisation and Capital Planning team

What we do

We are responsible for making sure that there are enough school places for every child in Central Bedfordshire. We do this by securing and delivering the capital investment required to ensure choice and diversity in providing sufficient high-quality school places.


We ensure key data that informs effective, evidence-based school place planning is available, including pupil forecasts, school capacity, suitability for teaching and learning, and the condition of school buildings.

Local strategies

We support the development of local strategies through area reviews that aim to address school sustainability and the need to manage growth and promote partnership activity, and support school improvement. These are the aims of our Partnership Vision for Education 2015 - 2019 (PDF 94.1KB) , which was refreshed in August 2015 and developed in partnership with schools. We also support other council services by evaluating school organisation proposals made by neighbouring councils where they may have an implication for Central Bedfordshire.

Statutory processes regarding changes to schools

We provide guidance to governing bodies that are considering a ‘prescribed alteration’ to their school. For example: a change to their age range or an expansion. We help schools to understand the process that needs to be followed for each proposed change as directed by the Department of Education (DfE).

The DfE publishes guidance for academies and  guidance for maintained schools in relation to statutory processes.

We also follow the DfE's guidance where we are the proposer and/or the decision-maker for proposals that are brought forward by the governing bodies of maintained schools.

School projects

We translate the capital investment into proposals for suitable projects to meet the need for new school places. These may be to meet a demand for additional temporary or permanent capacity, or to address school organisation issues within a specific school.

Sustainability in schools

We promote the sustainability and energy efficiency of new and existing schools through BREEAM - the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.

School organisation and status

We ensure compliance with all legislation, guidance and best practice with regard to school organisation and school premises matters. We also support and advise schools in relation to trust or federation proposals, and co-ordinate the specific tasks required of us when schools choose to convert to academy status.