Latest public and statutory notices

Traffic orders to support social distancing

As part of the government’s approach to easing of the lockdown restrictions schools will be opening to more pupils. However, there are concerns about maintaining social distancing and potentially increased traffic around the schools.

Given that the government is encouraging people not to use public transport unless necessary, there may be an increase in parents driving their children to and from school.

Traffic issues around school gates can often be an issue and is a public safety concern.

To allow us as to respond to potential issues of crowding, queuing and public safety, we are publishing statutory notices which will enable us to respond to any such issues by implementing changes to the highway quickly. This is something which we are tasked with, by the government, and is about us keeping the high streets vibrant and our communities safe.

Public notices

These statutory notices are purely a precautionary measure for when any changes are deemed necessary.

If changes are needed, we will publish a secondary notice. Any measures will be temporary only.

Temporary notices relating to schools

What changes could include

Changes could include, closing a road, or lanes, outside a school to traffic if deemed necessary to assist with school safety, social distancing and getting children back to school.

It could also include 20mph zones to support and encourage walking and cycling.

We are mindful to keep disruption to a minimum as much as it safe to do so and we hope that residents understand and support the effort to protect the vulnerable and keep our communities safe.