Our Five Year Plan

Our Five Year Plan for Central Bedfordshire

As we enter into our eighth year as a new council, we continue to work hard to make Central Bedfordshire a great place to live and work. A key component of this is our strategic plan (PDF 164.2KB) which outlines our key priorities and how we will achieve them over the next 5 years.

While both locally and nationally we face challenges, overall, I am optimistic about our future. Central Bedfordshire really is a great place to live and work and over the past four years, we have seen real improvements. There are now 10,000 more people in employment in Central Bedfordshire, with businesses both growing and moving here. As a Council we have sought to support this increased prosperity by freezing Council Tax for a five year period whilst also developing and improving our services, such as Leisure Centres and independent living schemes for older people. But there is more to do.

We are all too well aware of the ongoing financial challenges we face nationally to balance the books, whilst at the same time meeting growing pressures on our services. These circumstances demand that the Council, all public services and our communities need to change.

Together with the National Health Service, we need to invest more in keeping people well at every age, preventing them from becoming ill and reliant on institutions such as care homes and hospitals.

Major demographic shifts, including people living longer, have implications for communities, many of which have proud traditions of local action and self help. Now there is a great opportunity to build on these foundations to support improved and resilient communities.

We have made improvements in education but have more to do, recognising as we do, that it is the key both to personal improvement and economic prosperity.

With the substantial growth anticipated for Central Bedfordshire we need to ensure we build on the strong ad unique character, of a rural market town area.

And as an organisation, we need to continue to develop our ways of working. We should have a relentless focus on outcomes rather than process. We must embrace technology and work collaboratively across the Council and with our partners in towns, parishes, neighbouring authorities and other public services.

So we are looking at a challenging plan of action for the next few years, but with vision, hard work and cooperation we will take advantage of the opportunities available to deliver for our residents.

James Jamieson

What we’ll achieve for the area and communities over the next 5 years:

  • enhancing Central Bedfordshire
  • great resident services
  • improving education and skills
  • protecting the vulnerable and improving wellbeing
  • creating stronger communities
  • a more efficient and responsive council

How will we deliver these outcomes? By working to our values.

Our values describe the type of organisation we want to be and the principles that will guide us in achieving our vision and priorities. These set out the way we will work and interact with our customers, members and each other.

Our values are:

  • respect and empowerment – we will treat people as individuals who matter to us
  • stewardship and efficiency – we will make the best use of the resources available to us
  • results focused – we will focus on delivering the outcomes that make a tangible difference to people’s lives
  • collaboration – we will work closely with our colleagues, partners and customers to deliver on these outcomes