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Sandy indoor leisure facilities

We're consulting on indoor leisure facilities in Sandy, including the Jenkins Pavilion.

Have your say on indoor leisure in Sandy.

Schools for the Future: Changes to schools in Biggleswade and the surrounding area

This consultation proposes:

  • Potton Middle School and Potton Lower School schools to amalgamate and become a primary
  • all existing lower schools and Biggleswade Academy to become primary schools
  • a new primary school on land east of Biggleswade
  • possible options for Wrestlingworth CofE VC Lower School and Dunton CofE VC Lower School, including amalgamation
  • Edward Peake CofE VC Middle School and Stratton Upper to become secondary schools
  • a new secondary school on land east of Biggleswade (this is a different site to the new primary on land east of Biggleswade); Edward Peake CofE VC Middle School would become a secondary school and relocate to this new school
  • Lawnside Academy moves to the vacated Edward Peake CofE VC Middle School site
  • there would be one sixth form open to pupils of both secondary schools (currently Stratton Upper and Edward Peake CofE VC Middle School)

Find out more on the Schools for the Future website.

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