Our Strategic Plan 2022-27

Our values and principles

Our values and principles underpin and inform everything that we do. They describe the type of organisation we want to be and the principles that will guide us in achieving Vision 2050 and priorities. These set out the way we will work and interact with our customers, residents, Members, and with each other. Our values are:

  • Respect and empowerment – we will treat people as individuals who matter to us
  • Stewardship and efficiency – we will make the best use of the resources available to us
  • Results focused – we will focus on delivering the outcomes that make a tangible difference to people’s lives
  • Collaboration – we will work closely with our colleagues, customers, partners, and residents to deliver on these outcomes

As we look to the future, our guiding principles will be:

  • Fairness: We want to make Central Bedfordshire a great place to live and work for everyone and we will create opportunities for everyone, lifting people out of poverty, and putting safeguards in place to avoid people slipping into poverty
  • Our economic strategy, building local prosperity: We want to encourage diverse and flourishing local businesses and help our residents develop skills for the future, with an inclusive education system supporting lifelong learning and developing digital skills for all 
  • Our place-based approach: Engaging with communities, partners, and stakeholders to work in partnership together to deliver what matters to people locally 
  • Our sustainability plan: Taking on our pivotal role in leading by example in how we operate and deliver services, and evolving the attitude, practices and behaviour of residents and businesses to cut CO2 emissions from fossil fuel vehicles, homes and other buildings; ensuring that local communities and industry grow in a sustainable way