Working age accommodation strategy

Accommodation Strategy for Working Age Adults with Care and Support Needs

Our Accommodation Strategy for Working Age Adults with Care and Support Needs outlines our vision to improve and provide more accessible homes for working age adults with care and support needs over the next 5 years (2022 to 2027).

The strategy focuses on 18-to-65-year-olds with needs that arise from a learning or physical disability, a mental health condition, autism, other neurodiversity, or a combination of these. It aims to transform the life options available to this group by increasing the quality and choice of accommodation available to them, such as supported living accommodation provision.

The strategy is underpinned by 6 key priorities:

  • Increasing supply of accessible and purpose-built homes by 20% over the next 5 years
  • Replacing existing accommodation that is of poor quality
  • Working with the market to foster continual improvement in the quality of accommodation-based care and support services
  • Increasing capacity for building-based short break units
  • Making greater use of technologies to support care
  • Adopting a creative housing model that facilitates progression and independence

The focus of the strategy is to support people living with a disability or long-term condition to live independent fulfilling lives, improve their health and wellbeing and reach their full potential. It has been developed following a thorough engagement process with people with lived experience of care services and their families, statutory and voluntary organisations, care providers, developers, and our services involved in delivering services. This was followed by a 12-week public consultation.

Market position statement

To assist in achieving the targets set out in the strategy, we have developed a market position statement to support our ambition to increase the supply of accessible, purpose-built homes for working age people with care and support needs.

This market position statement sets out to investors, developers, landlords and care providers our current needs and priorities for accommodation-based support in Central Bedfordshire in relation to both the range of needs and geographical supply. We recommend that the market position statement should be read alongside the Accommodation Strategy.

View or download our Accommodation Strategy for Working Age Adults with Care and Support Needs 2022 to 2027 (PDF)

View or download our Appendix 1: Learning Disability Commissioning Plan (PDF)

View or download the market position statement (PDF)

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