Pest control

SDK (DialaPest) provide pest control treatments to domestic (but not commercial) premises within Central Bedfordshire.

They deal with:

  • wasps
  • rats and mice
  • bed bugs
  • cockroaches
  • ants
  • fleas

Please note:

  • rat and mouse treatment is in the form of poison baits*. The contractors will not undertake any building or other works, such as removing floorboards or tiles, in order to carry out treatment
  • wasp treatment is in the form of a spray service only, not nest removal

Visit the SDK (DialaPest) website or call 03444 821 341.

Please note

We have no statutory obligation to provide a domestic pest control service and you are fully entitled to seek services which meet your needs or requirements. We recommend you check with SDK DialaPest when enquiring about treatments. No out of hours service calls are possible. Due to the nature of this work, it is not possible to guarantee complete success on every occasion.

*In cases where a standard baiting service would not be suitable, we recommend you contact a contractor who can tailor the service accordingly — including treatment methods and associated works — to best deal with an issue (you can try one of our Trading Standards Approved companies, or find one through the internet and local directories). It is worth noting that in some more involved cases and where damage has been caused to your property, that your house insurance provider may be able to provide further guidance. Ask SDK on 03444 821 341 if you are unsure whether the services will meet your requirements.