How to dispose of hard plastics in Central Bedfordshire

Hard plastics present various challenges for effective recycling - this is mainly due to the mixture of plastics and metals that they're often made of.

In our hard plastics container at our tidy tips, we accept:

  • bins
  • bowls
  • boxes
  • buckets
  • children’s car seats without buckles/belts and fabric coverings/foam
  • children’s large garden toys
  • crates
  • empty oil or paint containers (empty and free of residue)
  • garden furniture
  • pipes
  • polycarbonate sheets
  • storage containers
  • trays
  • water butts and storage tanks

We can’t accept:

  • car bumpers
  • carrier bags
  • correx sheets
  • electronic children’s toys
  • fiberglass baths
  • film-bin and carrier bags
  • flower pots
  • footballs
  • hoses
  • PVC – including guttering, doors, window frames, and facias
  • silicon containers
  • suitcases
  • tents
  • thermos flasks
  • umbrellas
  • VHS tapes
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment

What to do with things we can't accept in the hard plastics container 

If you think the item could be reused, please talk to our team at the tidy tip about donating it to our reuse shop. The shop's based at our Thorn Turn tidy tip, but you can donate at any of our tidy tips.

If something can't be accepted or reused, please put it in our non-recyclable waste container. Please put all electrical and electronic equipment in the separate electrical items container for recycling.

Please note: Sometimes, when the container gets full, we'll have to close it until we can empty it. We try to minimise these closures, but sometimes they're unavoidable.