Damage to property: Environmental services

Report damage to your property by our waste contractors

If you've sustained damage to your property, vehicle, or asset because of an action you believe was caused by one of our contractors, and you wish to report the damage, you can do so. Please note that you must be the owner of the property/vehicle/asset.

This is only for claims against our environmental services contractors, which include:

  • waste collection
  • street cleansing
  • grounds maintenance
  • pest control
  • dog warden
  • tidy tips (household waste recycling centres)

If the damage was caused by a different contractor or one of our officers, please contact customer services on 0300 300 8000, or email customers@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.

Report damage to property

To report the damage, you will need to give us:

  • the exact location of where the damage occurred (property address, road, household waste recycling centre etc.)
  • details of the contractor/service responsible
  • details of the person and/or vehicle involved
  • date and time the damage occurred
  • details of the damage
  • photographs of the damage
  • details of witnesses (if any)

Once we've received your report, we'll review it and, if appropriate, will pass it to the relevant contractor who will investigate the claim. The contractor will review the details and will contact you directly to advise if liability is to be accepted, and what actions are to be taken. Contractors may wish to arrange a visit to discuss the claim with you, and to assess the damage for themselves.

Reports should be investigated within 5 working days. However, the time it takes to arrange any repairs will depend on the type and complexity of the claim

Please note that your damage claim will not be made against us, nor will we investigate or progress it. It will be for the relevant contractor to investigate. The report may be handled by a third-party insurance team, who may also wish to contact you directly to discuss the details. Our contractor should keep in touch with you throughout the claim and answer any questions that you may have.