About Planning at Central Bedfordshire Council

We are one of the top 30 biggest and busiest local planning authorities and have ambitious plans for further growth.

Our Local Plan was adopted in July 2021 and sets out our vision for 2035. Central Bedfordshire has a strategic position as the central hub of the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Arc. It has excellent strategic north-south routes to deliver new high-tech employment supported by sustainable new homes. The Local Plan seeks to deliver 24,000 jobs and approximately 20,000 new homes.

Work has started on reviewing our Local Plan. This will continue to help shape Central Bedfordshire and deliver the anticipated growth. As this review continues further information will be on our Local Plan web pages.

Central Bedfordshire 2050

Our vision

Central Bedfordshire has a vision ‘Central Bedfordshire 2050’ where it will continue to be a great place to live and work…a place to prosper, a place to be proud of and a place to call home.

RTPI Learning Partner

RPTI learning partner

Central Bedfordshire Council is an RTPI Learning Partner and values learning and development for all colleagues. We offer a mix of formal learning and informal lunch time sessions supporting career development and continued professional development.