Macmillan Welfare Rights Service Central Bedfordshire

Key achievements for the Macmillan Welfare Rights service in 2021 to 2022

Key achievements include:

  • a total of 1300 referrals made to the service: 722 for Bedfordshire and 587 for NWAFT generating a total of 1262 complex cases
  • £5.3 million achieved in benefit and grant gains; an average annual financial gain of £4255 per client assisted by our service
  • 97 Benefit Decisions challenged
  • generated £54,656 in grant awards including Macmillan Grant awards
  • assisted with over 300 applications for Blue Badges
  • made 39 onward referrals for financial advice regarding pensions and wills to the Macmillan Direct Financial Services Line
  • made 31 Referrals to Occupational Therapy Services

Annual report

View our annual report.