End of life support

Bereavement support

Losing someone close to you can be deeply distressing. People cope with loss in their own ways.

Many people go through a range of emotions when someone they are close to dies, such as feeling depressed, angry or betrayed. These feelings are a normal part of the grieving process and coming to terms with loss.

You may also feel lonely and isolated. Support from family and friends can be vitally important at this time, so don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

There are also a number of counselling and advice services available to help you.

  • NHS Choices has lots of useful information about bereavement support
  • Age UK has useful advice on coping with bereavement and how to get support, including personal stories from other people who have experienced the death of a loved one which may help you feel to feel that you are not alone. They also offer advice on accessing counselling services and have produced a factsheet called You Are Not Alone
  • ACAS provides advice to employees on their right to take time off work following bereavement