Bin collections during adverse weather

Collecting bins in adverse weather

We try to maintain waste and recycling collections regardless of the weather, but where conditions are dangerous for our crews pulling waste bins and loading vehicles, we may need to suspend bin collections until conditions improve.

In the event of adverse weather conditions, we will make every effort to collect your kerbside waste. If we are not able to due to safety concerns, we will catch up as soon as possible. Residents are advised to make full use of their food waste collection and recycling collection.

Where street cleansing is suspended due to bad weather conditions, vehicles and staff will be diverted to gritting.

What should I do if you don’t collect my waste on the normal day because of the weather?

Please leave your bin or bags in their normal location for collection and we will collect it/them as soon as it is accessible and safe to do so. If this is not possible (due to space, cluttering the roads etc.) bring it in overnight.

Can you tell me which day my bin will be collected after you’ve missed my normal collection day?

We try to catch up on missed collections as soon as possible, but this is dependant on the accessibility of individual roads and routes. This may change on a daily basis during the adverse weather period. As we collect from over 110,000 households we can’t guarantee everyone will receive an individualised message about their specific street’s waste collections. We will update our website and social media if collections are interrupted.

I’m expected to drive to work when there’s snow and ice. Why can’t your crews collect my bin?

The average car weighs between 1 and 2 tonnes whereas our refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) weigh over 25 tonnes. They require more control, especially on small roads with parked cars on either side. We do not send the crews out when there is a risk of danger to pedestrians or damaging our residents’ property or vehicles. We want to ensure that our collection crews are safe and will not encourage them to collect waste when it is not safe for them to do so.

Why can’t the RCVs (Refuse Collection Vehicles) be fitted with snow tyres or chains?

The time taken to fit and remove snow tyres or chains would be significant because of the varying conditions on the roads during adverse weather. Some local authorities were still unable to collect waste even when their vehicles were fitted with snow tyres, so there would be limited benefit to our vehicles having snow tyres.

Once the weather conditions have improved, can you catch up on bin collections within the week?

Whilst we endeavour to catch up on missed collections as quickly as we can, we have a limited workforce and number of vehicles. We operate at maximum capacity, using all vehicles available to collect the missed collection, and will collect on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays if needed. If we have missed a full cycle of collections, ie:2 weeks, we will collect extra bags left as side waste.

We always prioritise the collection of refuse and clinical waste. This is then followed by the collection of food waste and recycling.

Is there a risk of maggots if my bin isn't collected?

If we miss a collection due to adverse weather conditions, it is likely that waste high in water content (such as food) will be frozen in the food waste or residual bin and will not harbour maggot larvae. You can double wrap any food in your bin if you are concerned. Don’t forget you can put all your uncooked fruit and vegetables in your compost bin.