Mixed-use large sites

Planned large developments to include homes, services and jobs

We're planning 4 sites to include homes, services and new jobs. These are also called "mixed-use" sites. We're also planning 3 new employment sites, to create more new jobs.

These large developments will include:

  • road improvements
  • shops
  • community facilities
  • leisure facilities
  • schools
  • integrated health and care hubs (depending on the NHS's requirements)

They'll take several years to build.

The financial viability of these sites may change over time. This means we may need to review how things are working, to make sure everything is on track.

We expect the promoters of these sites to sign up to a planning performance agreement (PPA) with us. A PPA is a project management tool that allow us, as the local planning authority, to agree timescales, actions and the general requirements at all the stages of the planning application process with a developer.

Planned large developments

These developments are: