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Local Offer website

The Local Offer website is a ‘one stop shop’ for all local SEND advice, guidance, and support services.


The site was designed and co-produced with the SNAP Parent Carer Forum (SNAP PCF), as well as education, health and social care professionals, parents, carers, and children and young people with SEND. We have incorporated their feedback to make the site more engaging, easier to navigate and to ensure it contains more relevant information.

It has a range of important information including:

  • sources of support, advice and information for children, young people, and families, including support groups and forums
  • arrangements to identify and assess children and young people with SEND, including how an assessment can be requested
  • other educational provision, such as leisure activities, sports, and arts provision
  • information about provision to assist in preparing children and young people for adulthood including post-16 education and training
  • arrangements for travel to and from school, post-16 settings and early year providers
  • childcare, including suitable provision for disabled children and those with SEND
  • health and development needs of children from when they are born through to when they transition into adulthood
  • support available to young people in higher education, particularly the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) and the process and timescales for making an application for DSA

The Local Offer will be constantly reviewed to make sure it meets users’ needs. We'd welcome any parent or carer of a child or young person with additional needs to feedback with any suggestions for improvements by using the feedback button on the Local Offer.

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SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) services 

A child or young person has special educational needs and disabilities if they have a learning difficulty and/or a disability. This means they may need special health and educational support. 

The Central Bedfordshire SEND Local Offer website is the main place for information for children and young people with special educational needs and their parents or carers. It shows families what they can expect from a range of local agencies including education, health, and social care. 

About our SEND services

Our SEND services include:

Improving SEND services

Find out about our ongoing work to improve SEND services in Central Bedfordshire, see our Partnership Agreement and the Action Plan that we have agreed with SNAP (Special Needs Action Panel) Parent Carer Forum. 

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