Budget 2023-2024

Your Council Tax explained

Given the pressures on households this winter with the rising cost of living, we have frozen our share of Council Tax* for 2023/24. 

Through good financial management and planning we are able to absorb the financial pressures by anticipating some of them, being as efficient as possible and using some of our reserves to meet the funding gap.

Although the largest share of your Council Tax funds services provided by Central Bedfordshire Council, the Council Tax you pay to Central Bedfordshire Council also funds:

  • Bedfordshire Police
  • Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Your local Town or Parish Council 

How council tax is split

These organisations set their own Council Tax levels and annual increases.

The image shows how your Council Tax is shared out for an average household (Band D) in Shefford.

The next few pages explain how Central Bedfordshire Council uses your money to fund services.

* Note: Your Council Tax bill includes Council Tax that pays for Police, Fire and your Town or Parish Council, these organisations set their own increases and if they raise their share of Council Tax your bill will increase.