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Children with disabilities service

What happens after your child is referred to our children with disabilities service?

What happens when my child is referred to the Children with Disabilities Team?

Central Bedfordshire Council has a specialist team of social workers and assistants whose role is to support children and young people with disabilities up to the age of 18 and their families. The team cannot respond to the needs of every child who has a difficulty, and so we have a Threshold Criteria to help us decide this. Broadly, this includes children who have a 'permanent and substantial disability'.

Referrals can be made to the duty officer on 0300 300 8314 and are based at either of the following locations.

East Hub, Ivel Valley Primary Site
The Baulk
Beds SG18 0PT

South Hub, 39 Oakwood Avenue
Beds LU5 4AS

Referrals can either be made by the child’s family, by a professional working with the family or in contact with the child, or by an individual who may be concerned about the welfare of a child with a disability.

Next steps

A decision about the next step is made within 24 hours. The options are either a Child and Family Assessment, or information and advice given.

'Information and advice given' means that either the family are not eligible for services, or, if appropriate, the team will signpost to other mainstream services or support groups.

Child and Family Assessment

If the child has complex needs, or if a child with a disability is deemed to be at significant risk of harm, the team may decide to carry out an assessment. This is an in depth, detailed assessment, and family and professionals connected with the child will be involved. The social worker will look at the following 3 areas:

  • the child’s needs
  • the carer’s ability and capacity as a parent
  • the environment and the wider support that is available to the family

The family will receive a copy of the completed assessment and the social worker will discuss how their needs could best be met. The assessment will be completed in 45 working days.

When the involvement of the Children with Disabilities Team stops, the family will be informed and signposted to other sources of help and assistance might be available wherever possible.