Coroner service privacy notice

Who does the coroner share information with?

HM Coroner uses the data gathered to inform investigations. This information is regularly shared with third parties. Much of the data we share with a third party is about a deceased person. However, as stated above, indirect identification can be made by piecing together information as an incidental consequence of the data processing. It is necessary for the HM Coroner and their staff to share information with a wide range of people when conducting their investigations. Data is shared in the purposes of the specific coronial investigation and so the judicial processing is necessary for the administration of justice, therefore, it is not necessary to seek explicit consent.

During the conclusion of an investigation, when necessary, Next of Kin details and contact information is shared with the relevant Registration Service and its staff to conclude the investigation process and support the death registration procedure.

We also share information and data with the various bodies, organisations and agencies, listed below; including researchers and academics. Where possible we will anonymise the data, however sometimes due to the research information required it will not be anonymised. We will not share personal information regarding a Next of Kin for these purposes without receiving prior agreement from the individual.

Data will be shared with the Senior Coroner, Assistant Coroners, Coroner’s Officers, Coroner’s Administrators and Coroner’s Court Officers and will inevitably involve the family, Interested Persons, and relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders can include:

  • GPs
  • hospitals
  • emergency services
  • funeral directors
  • registrars
  • pathologists
  • toxicologists
  • other courts and tribunals
  • media
  • local authorities and central government
  • HTA
  • mental health services
  • emergency planners
  • alcohol and drug services
  • suicide prevention agencies
  • safeguarding boards

We may share your data with organisations that we have a contract with, in order to provide the service e.g. Central Bedfordshire Council who act as our Business Support, only when there is a lawful basis to do so.

We will not sell personal data to any other external organisation or individual or share it with any other third party unless it is lawful to do so e.g. law enforcement agencies such as the police, HMRC, Immigration.

In the case of a death concerning a foreign national, we are obligated under the Vienna Convention to notify the relevant Consular Office/Embassy or the police may do so. Also, there may be an exchange of information in the event of a death abroad.  This will be done using secure/encrypted e-mail, secure transfer sites or password protected documents.

HM Coroner and Officers only use secure Central Bedfordshire Council work email addresses when processing and communicating information and data relating to coronial investigations and work-related activities.