Wraparound childcare

We're part of the National Wraparound Childcare Programme

We've been selected as an ‘early adopter’ of the government’s National Wraparound Childcare Programme and are also one of 16 local authorities helping to design the programme.

What is wraparound childcare?

The National Wraparound Childcare Programme aims to support families by providing extended childcare services beyond regular school hours, with things like breakfast clubs or after school clubs running until 6pm. Wraparound childcare can be offered by schools, or private, voluntary and independent providers including childminders and early years settings.

Many schools provide homework clubs, specific sports, music or craft sessions after school, but this is not defined as wraparound childcare, which is a paid provision and offers a wide range of activities and food for children.

The government’s programme launches in September 2024, at which point we will be awarded a share of the £289 million start-up funding to introduce new wraparound care programmes or increase the number of places available at already existing programmes.

The programme will only focus on primary school-aged children from reception to year 6, Monday to Friday during term time.

For more information on the National Wraparound Childcare Programme and our involvement, please visit: National Wraparound Childcare Programme.