Why foster?

Why we need foster carers and parents

What is fostering?

We believe the best place for children is with their own families and we will support families to live together as best we can.

Sometimes, it’s not possible for children to continue to live with their families, for example, if families are having a difficult time or are in crisis. Fostering is one way we can support families during these times. 

What is the difference between fostering and adoption?

Fostering is often a temporary situation (from a few days to a few years) while the child is under the care of their local council. In some cases, children can stay with foster carers on a long-term basis. Those who adopt become a child’s legal parents.  

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What is a foster family?

A foster carer or family is someone who can care for a child until they can return to their family. Or, if it isn't possible for them to return, support them during their transition onto a forever family.   

There are many children in Bedfordshire who need foster care, from caring people. Someone who can provide a stable, welcoming and safe environment.  

Welcoming foster carers, like Stacey and her daughter Grace, can help children to feel less anxious. They explain what they love most about fostering and why they would recommend others to enquire today.

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Why might a child go into foster care?

Some of the reasons for a child or children who need fostering include:

  • a parent is ill or going through a particularly challenging time in their lives, where they're finding it difficult to care for their children
  • a parent has a drug or alcohol problem that prevents them from being able to care for their children
  • a parent who has had a difficult childhood themselves and is struggling to understand what their own children need
  • a child or young person might have suffered some form of abuse or neglect
  • the parents of a child or young person with a disability or special needs may need support or a short break
  • a child or young person who is seeking asylum may arrive in the UK unaccompanied, without a parent or guardian and need a person or a family to support them to independence

What's it like for a child to go into foster care?

When a child goes into foster care, they are often confused because they are not living at home with their parents. Some will be angry or upset. Some will be disorientated or confused.

Put yourself in their shoes and think – have you a place in your heart and home for them? Do you have the desire to reassure them and make them feel safe? If so, then you’re in the right place and we’d love to hear from you.

Who can become a foster carer?

First, let’s put to bed a few myths about foster carers. Foster care can be provided by:

  • an individual foster carer
  • foster carers who are not married
  • foster parents who are married
  • foster carers who own or rent their home
  • foster carers or parents who have their own children
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender foster carers or parents

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About our fostering service

Ofsted good provider

Our fostering service has been rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted. 

Our wonderfully diverse community of foster carers also agree that they are happy and proud to be part of Central Bedfordshire’s fostering team.  

You can read our latest report on the Ofsted website

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