Scammers using a variety of methods to approach people

Find out more and warn friends and family

The Trading Standards team are warning residents not to fall victim to scammers posing as psychics or clairvoyants.

The scammers will usually approach people by letter or email, with promises of good fortune or claim they can help you with a problem. They will ask to not to tell anyone else and to keep the information a secret.

They could claim to be able to provide you with winning lottery numbers or a lucky charm, or even help remove the curse of a jinx they claim is shadowing over you. They may even promise to protect you from any future unfortunate events.

The scammers will ask you to pay a small fee or ask you to buy an item, to ensure good luck is with you at all times or that will help ward off any bad luck – the item will turn out to be worthless. They may even ask you to make regular payments so that they can continue to help you.

Responding to these types of letters and sending money to the scammers will only result in you losing your money and also receiving further similar letters on a regular basis. Your details may even be shared with other scammers, which could lead to you receiving other scam approach.

Get advice if you get approached

If you receive a letter or email purporting to be from a psychic or clairvoyant; do not respond; do not send money or provide your credit card details and shred the letter or delete the email. If you’re unsure as to whether a letter or email may be genuine, show it to family member or friend for their opinion or call us on 03454 040506. Or hit the enquire now button below and send us information via email.