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Current major developments - Wixams

This is a new settlement of up to 4,500 new dwellings, comprising of a mixed-use town centre supported by further local centres, community, education and leisure facilities in each of the villages and set within a landscaped setting.

The overall Master Plan for The Wixams consists of 4 villages, each separated by linear parkland. Village 1 is the eastern most village adjacent to the A6, wholly within the jurisdiction of Bedford Borough and is now at an advanced stage of construction.

Work is currently underway to consider and discuss the Design Codes for Village 2 and Village 4 in relation to the overall Wixams Master Plan. The documents, once approved by the Joint Committee, will look to instruct matters in relation to scale, density, massing, height, landscape, layout, access and materials to guide developers when bringing forward reserved matters proposals for Villages 2 and 4.

Decision date: Pending