Budget 2023-2024

Have your say on our 2023/24 budget

Every winter, the Council sets its budget for the year ahead.

Our 2023/24 budget proposals for next year includes:

  • plans to spend around £475 million on services
  • plans to spend £253 million on new facilities like schools, leisure centres and care homes
  • plans to increase efficiency, reducing costs by £9.5 million
  • no increases to our share of Council Tax*

This year we face a challenging financial climate caused by rising inflation and increasing demand for services.

Inflation has added an extra £16.6 million to the cost of running the Council over the next year, while demand for our adult social care and children’s services increases. We’re not alone in this – all other local authorities are grappling with the same challenges. Many councils are concerned as they face huge funding gaps and tough decisions to reduce discretionary services.

We pride ourselves on good financial management and planning which has left us in a sound position. We had already budgeted for some increase in inflation, and we are improving our efficiency to reduce our running costs which gives us some ability to offset the pressures. We are also using some of our reserves (savings) so that we do not need to raise our share of Council Tax* next year. Given the pressures on households with the rising cost of living this is particularly important.   

Our budget means we can continue to provide the vital services you expect from us through these financially challenging times. We are working hard to support residents with the cost of living through a range of schemes and look after our most vulnerable children and adults. 

We also continue to invest in new facilities such as new care homes, schools, roads and leisure centres that means our residents want to live here and businesses want to invest.   

* Note: Your Council Tax bill includes Council Tax that pays for Police, Fire and your Town or Parish Council, these organisations set their own increases and if they raise their share of Council Tax your bill will increase.

More detail about our budget plans is provided below. You can also read the full budget papers on our website.