Pest control

Pest control

SDK (DialaPest) provide pest control treatments to domestic (but not commercial) premises within Central Bedfordshire.

They deal with:

  • wasps
  • rats and mice
  • bed bugs
  • cockroaches
  • ants

Please note:

  • rat and mouse treatment is in the form of poison baits. The contractors will not undertake any building or other works, such as removing floorboards or tiles, in order to carry out treatment
  • wasp treatment is in the form of a spray service only, not nest removal

Visit the SDK (DialaPest) website (link opens in new window) or call 03444821341.

Due to the nature of this work, it is not possible to guarantee complete success on every occasion.

Householders may wish to carry out treatments themselves using proprietary products that can be purchased from hardware stores and garden centres.

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