Flooding and flood risk management

Flood risk management - our responsibilities

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 (link opens in new window), we are the Lead Local Flood Authority for our area; we are responsible for:

  • developing and maintaining a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (PDF 2.2MB)
  • maintaining a register of physical features that have a ‘significant’ effect on flooding in our area
  • investigating incidents of local flooding – we will publish the results of an investigation where this is considered 'significant'
  • promoting sustainable development – this includes sustainable drainage approaches on new developments
  • regulating works on ordinary watercourses – we issue consent and take enforcement action
  • designating structures and features that effect flooding – this requires the owner of a designated feature to seek consent from the authority to alter, remove or replace it
  • co-ordinating flood risk management across our area

Call 999 in an emergency. To report a flood incident or a situation which you think may result in flooding, please contact floodrisk@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk (this is not 24 hour contact). Please report public road flooding to the highways team (link opens in new window).

We have further drainage responsibilities under the Act as a Highway Authority.

Affected by flooding?

We'd like to know how the recent flooding (June 2016) has affected you, so we can assess measures to limit the effects of such events in future.

So, if you have been affected, please help us by filling in this short survey.

Let us know how flooding affected you >>

You can also download the flooding survey (PDF 37.1KB) and return to us for free to:

FREEPOST RSJS GBBZ SRZT (you do not need a stamp)
June 2016 Flooding Questionnaire
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

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