Housing policies

Housing policies

To view our housing policies and strategies please download our PDFs below:

Transitional Accommodation Placement Policy (PDF 482.5KB) - this document sets out our approach to the placement of households in transitional accommodation, both in and out of the Central Bedfordshire area.

Asbestos Management Policy (PDF 326.7KB) - details the arrangements and procedures that the Housing Service will use to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Central Bedfordshire Council Housing Assistance Policy (PDF 188.2KB)

Central Bedfordshire Empty Homes strategy (PDF 1.6MB) - since the Empty Homes Strategy was approved and published, changes have taken place with respect to Council Tax charges and therefore you are encouraged to seek up to date advice from the Customer Accounts Team on 0300 300 8306.

Central Bedfordshire Council Housing Allocations Scheme (PDF 1.2MB)

Independent Living in Central Bedfordshire (PDF 175.8KB)

Local Lettings Policy for Rural Exception Sites (PDF 66.3KB)

Tenancy Strategy (PDF 2.2MB)

Frequently Asked Questions about Fixed-term and Introductory Tenancies (PDF 45.9KB)

Policy to Discharge the Council’s Homeless Duty to a Suitable Private Sector Property (PDF 281.4KB)

Central Bedfordshire Housing Asset Management Strategy (PDF 357.9KB)

Central Government is driving an agenda for change in the way that social housing is funded and managed. This draft paper sets out our initial proposals for responding to this change, to be consulted on later in the year: Housing Green Paper (PDF 2.4MB) . A summary of the evidence base that underpins the proposals in the Green Paper can be viewed below:

Summary (PDF 13KB)

The Homelessness Act 2002 places a legal duty on local authorities to undertake a comprehensive review (PDF 812.8KB) of homelessness in their area and produce a Homelessness Strategy.

As a result of this we undertook a review of homelessness within the area which included development and use of engagement / feedback questionnaires and two engagement events to gather the views of partners, service providers and colleagues to inform the development of the draft strategy.

Homelessness Strategy 2017 to 2020 (PDF 78KB)

Homelessness Strategy Action Plan 2015 to 2020 (PDF 336.8KB)

Park Homes in Central Bedfordshire a Unique Environment and Place to Live

Central Bedfordshire Park Home Site Licensing Fees Policy 2014

Our HECA Update report 2015 – 17 (PDF 503.7KB) outlines activity towards the original, 2013 HECA report action plan.

Let's Rent Offer (PDF 425.6KB)

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