Paying your rent

Tenancy support

Tenancy Support Officers help tenants sustain their tenancies.

Tenants are referred to us for a variety of reasons:

  • someone having trouble managing their money leading to rent arrears and they may benefit from some debt management advice
  • the property is messy or repair work has not been carried out
  • contractors cannot get in to carry out essential maintenance on a property
  • accommodation is no longer appropriate for them and they need help to move to a more suitable property, such as a larger, smaller, or a more accessible home or sheltered housing.
  • a person is struggling to cope with several things and could be classed as vulnerable and in need of support and guidance

How we can help

We can help guide you to manage your income, and give advice on debt repayments.

Where there are cases of debt that need more in-depth work, we can refer you to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or other accredited debt management charities.

We can source professional help from organisations such as the Community Mental Health Team or Social Services.

Where other support could be beneficial, we can refer to other agencies, such as the Community Alcohol Network, or Occupational Therapy.

We can provide help with accessing the housing register and help you to move to a more suitable property.

Put simply, we help you to maintain your tenancy, to reduce the risk of you losing your home.

Contact the Tenancy Support team

If you need our support, you will need to be referred to us. Please speak to a Council Officer or other Council professional who will carry out the referral.

If you do not know who to speak to please call 0300 300 8302.

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