Contaminated land

Checking if land is contaminated

We manage databases of sites which may have been affected by land contamination due to historic uses. Scrutiny of this information may only indicate the possibility of an active contamination pathway, but more specific investigations may have taken place or need to take place in order to understand the real risks.

If you are concerned that you might live on a site which may be contaminated, you can contact us to find out whether we have any information. Please note that a fee may be payable for his service. Various commercial suppliers also provide environmental data which may help in this regard.

Land that has been independently determined by the Council to pose a significant risk and then cleaned-up (or ‘remediated’) to a protective standard is placed on a Public Register under Part 2a of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

The Current CBC Contaminated Land Register:

Entry No. 1 – 28-34 Wood End Road Cranfield

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