Current consultations

Each consultation has its own page of information explaining what it is about, who should complete it and when it closes.

Payphone removal - this is a consultation on BT's proposal to remove 80 payphones in Central Bedfordshire.
Consultation closes: 15 December.

Improving the day offer for older people and adults with disabilities - we want to improve the day services available to older people and adults with disabilities. We are formally consulting on our new day offer.
Consultation closes: 24 January 2017.

Consultations with no fixed closing date

These consultations and surveys are ongoing, with no fixed closing date for feedback.

Overview and Scrutiny survey - we would like residents to submit topics of their choice at any time so that they can be considered by members to be included on their work programmes for future meetings.

Community Safety tracker - the Community Safety Partnership wants to hear your views about how safe you feel in your area and your views about our priorities for the year.

Post 16 survey about leaving education early - we want to hear from young people who have left their place of education early after completing their GCSE’s.

Children's Services feedback form - we want to hear views of local families who have been involved with our social work teams.

Superfast broadband (link opens in new window) - we want to find out about the demand for superfast broadband in Central Bedfordshire.

What we consult on

We regularly seek the views of local people on a wide range of topics and services throughout the year, such as:

  • community safety consultations
  • public transport consultations
  • education and schools consultations
  • leisure consultations
  • libraries and culture consultations
  • planning and regeneration consultations

Get the latest consultations by email

If you would like informed of consultations open to the public, please register on Central Bedfordshire Council updates (link opens in new window) and tick which areas you would like to hear about.

You can also follow us on Twitter (link opens in new window) or find us on Facebook (link opens in new window).

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