Report a problem with a bus stop or bus shelter and apply for a temporary bus stop suspension

You can report a damaged bus stop or bus shelter online. Under the choose problem category, select buses. For problem type, select bus shelter or bus stop.

Report a problem with a bus stop or bus shelter

How to request a temporary bus stop suspension (for works by utility companies and private contractors)

You will need to apply for bus stops to be suspended to allow for works to be undertaken by utility companies and private contractors.

Please email with the following required details:

  • contact name
  • telephone number
  • mobile telephone number
  • email address
  • company name
  • company address
  • invoice address
  • works address / site location
  • description of works
  • start date of works
  • end date of works
  • name and contact number for site contact during works

Charges for closing a bus stop

Where the contractor is unable to close the bus stop, we apply the following charges to do so.

Up to and including 20 miles by road from Dunstable: £162

21 to 30 miles by road from Dunstable: £220.87

31 to 40 miles by road from Dunstable: £279.74

The standard charge is £162, but this varies depending on time and costs involved. Any additional work required, or more than 20 miles by road from Dunstable would incur an extra charge.

A purchase order should be provided by the contractor prior to the works.

Guidelines for those carrying out the work

  • barrier-off the stop(s) / shelter to discourage anyone from waiting and place a bus stop closed sign nearby that is clearly visible to approaching bus drivers, so they do not try to drop off
  • a bag (this can be just a bin bag) should be placed over the stop flag whilst the stop is out of use
  • a temporary bus stop sign should be placed a safe distance away for passengers to wait at (if you are able to provide these signs, the closure will be at no cost)
  • please ensure that your staff / contractors are aware that all materials used to suspend the bus stop must be removed following the completion of the works (previously, items have been left obscuring stop flags / timetables / shelters, temporary signs left up etc. which has caused confusion for bus drivers and passengers as to the status of the stop)

A charge may be levied if complaints are received about the condition of the bus stop, following completion of the works. If the bus stop has been left in poor condition, or if one of our officers has to attend the site to remove materials that have been left there by contractors, an additional charge may be payable.