Community Planning

Community Planning Events 2016 / 2017

We held Community Planning events in 15 community areas across Central Bedfordshire over six months in late 2016 and early 2017, into which we grouped a number of town or parish councils.

Each event was designed, using interactive techniques, to draw out relevant issues and opportunities to support future growth. We explored six themes – local character; growth and infrastructure; transport; jobs and business; environment and homes.

Our video from the time explains how the event worked and what you could expect if you came.

The headlines

Below are the headlines from the Community Planning events for each of the six themes:

  1. Local Character – Protect natural open space
  2. Transport – Plan for vehicles and buses
  3. Jobs & Business – Improve High Streets and support small start-up units
  4. Environment – Retain and enhance open space for wildlife
  5. Growth & Infrastructure – Provide healthcare
  6. Homes – Provide affordable and older generation homes

We have pulled all of the comments made at the events together in one report, which also indicates how they could be delivered.