Community energy

Community Energy Pathways project

We've teamed up with Community Energy South to provide support for the development of community led energy groups and projects throughout Central Bedfordshire. We are working with five new community energy groups to help them get up and running so that the region’s carbon emissions can be reduced and communities can benefit from locally-owned renewable energy.

What is community energy?

Community energy is about local people coming together to work on local projects to help their communities reduce their energy use as well as generate low-carbon heat and power. 

There are 495 community energy organisations throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Community energy organisations are typically set up as co-operatives or community benefit societies.


  • initiate projects that benefit their local community
  • secure grant funding to start projects
  • manage local investment in their projects

Community energy projects can vary in scale from roof-top photovoltaic panel installations on local buildings such as schools to investment in large-scale renewable energy generation such as solar PV or wind farms.

Groups in Central Bedfordshire

Community Energy Pathways project is supporting five groups emerging in the Central Bedfordshire area:

Community Energy Pathways project is supporting the following community energy groups in the Central Bedfordshire area:

  • Greensand Community Energy
  • River Ivel Community Energy (RICE)
  • Buzz Community Energy

These groups are at different stages of development, but all would welcome new members who can support the group and the development of community projects.

Questions and joining groups

If you have any questions, or are interested to join any of the groups, please contact Community Energy South: