Road improvements: Clophill

About our Clophill roundabout improvements project

Our improvement works to the Clophill roundabout are completed. In March 2023, we started work on the improvements to Clophill Roundabout, in partnership with our contractor, Octavius Infrastructure, to help ease congestion, improve road safety, and reduce journey times for motorists.


The improvements include two lanes on all four approaches and exits to the roundabout, increasing capacity and allowing more vehicles to get through the junction at the same time. Road users will experience shorter journey times, particularly during busy hours. A two-lane section on the southern A6 approach has allowed for the retention of the all-important bridge over the River Flit. The retained footbridge has been cleared of vegetation and cleaned, making it more user friendly.

Over 600 trees and 300 shrubs have been planted along with the installation of new drainage and gullies to help reduce flooding. We also installed a new bus shelter on the northern arm of the roundabout and improved another located on The Green in Clophill High Street.

The project incorporates a lowered speed limit of 30mph on the roundabout approaches, and the installation of three new toucan crossings to make it easier and safer to cross. Upgraded footpaths have been installed on all three approaches making it easier for people to walk or bike to school or work, use local shops, and other facilities. The work is expected to give a boost to local businesses and encourage new development initiatives.

Social value

As part of the project, local people obtained the skills needed to access employment through apprenticeship schemes, as well as upskilling those already working in the sector with new skills for their future. Employment opportunities were also created within the wider community, including for those who face barriers to employment. The team developed strong relationships with local education providers, offering curriculum support, environmental activities, and paid work placement opportunities.


We successfully secured £6.8million of government funding to improve this congestion hotspot on a major route in Central Bedfordshire. Obtaining this government money to improve our road infrastructure is a big achievement and part of our forward-thinking approach to ensuring Central Bedfordshire continues to be a great place to live and work. The money could only be spent on this project. Engineering projects like this are expensive to build and the scheme was only possible because of government funding.

View or download our application for funding (PDF)

Clophill roundabout image gallery – with images provided by Octavius