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What our Highways Team does

We’re responsible for keeping your roads and pavements safe and look after 1,400 kilometres (869 miles) of roads, as well as bridges, streetlights, pedestrian crossings, highway drainage, traffic lights and signs.

This includes resurfacing and potholes, gritting in winter, grass cutting and weed control in summer and gully clearing all year round. We’re also responsible for strategy, consultations, TROs and statutory notices.

Resurfacing and potholes

We try to schedule resurfacing to keep all our roads in good condition, but sometimes potholes appear, and we prioritise fixing dangerous potholes to control costs.

Download our structural maintenance programme for 2016 (PDF 212.1KB) .

Gully clearing

We clear all roadside gullies and off let pipes through kerbs every 3 years, and some more regularly. Approximately 60% of the gullies are cleaned every year and around 100 are cleaned every day.


We have a programme to replace street lights with new lanterns which improve visibility, are more energy and cost efficient and last longer. You can see our street light replacement plan for 2015/16 (PDF 63.6KB) .

Grass cutting and weeding

We’re responsible for grass cutting on most of the roads in Central Bedfordshire apart from private roads and some roads in new housing estates. Grass cutting normally takes place in April, June and September. Some Town and Parish Councils manage their own grass cutting. Highways England (link opens in new window) is responsible for grass cutting along the A1, M1, A5 and A421.

You can check who is responsible for roadside grass (PDF 14.7KB) in your area.

We aim to cut urban grass 6 times per year between March and September, and rural grass areas 3 times a year: April, June and September.

We provide special management to encourage biodiversity within verges and roadside nature reserves, such as Deadman’s Hill, along the A6 outside of Clophill and Maulden which has orchids, sulphur clover, quaking grass and pepper saxifrage.


We carry out a weed spray of road and footpath edges in all towns and villages during April to June and another in September where required. We use a weed control spray with no residue so it will only affect plants where there is direct contact.


We maintain trees by the highway, and will act promptly if a tree is reported as presenting a danger to road users, or affecting visibility at a junction.

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