Salting and gritting - winter road gritting and salt bins

Salting and gritting - winter road gritting

We spread grit, or more accurately, salt, on roads when freezing is forecast and when roads are damp to melt and prevent ice. We try to do salting before the morning and after the evening traffic peaks, but we work around the clock in bad weather.

We salt just under half of the roads in Central Bedfordshire. Roads carrying the highest volumes, with the greatest risk of accidents or providing key access are given priority.

Priority 0 gritting routes

Roads we will treat in the rare event that resources are not available for treating priority 1 networks. It includes A and B class carriageways, roads serving Upper and Middle schools and the emergency services.

Priority 1 gritting routes

Priority 1 includes:

  • all A and B class roads
  • most C class roads
  • some UC class roads
  • busy peak commuter routes
  • main peak hour bus routes
  • routes to fire stations
  • ambulance stations
  • hospitals
  • most school bus routes
  • roads past all Middle and Upper schools

Priority 2 gritting routes

Roads we will treat when the Priority 1 network has been treated and resources are available.

Local roads

Some Town and Parish Councils provide a local gritting service with the delegated authority of a Central Bedfordshire Council. You can contact your Town / Parish Council to check if your area is covered.

Trunk roads and motorways

The M1, A1, A421 and A5 are maintained by Highways England. They can be contacted on 0300 123 5000 or

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