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Change of age ranges and other proposed changes

Changes to schools within the Sandy area

On 12 October 2016, six schools in the Sandy area launched consultations to change their age ranges.

Following the closure of the consultations and subsequent consideration of the responses received, the governing bodies of the following 5 schools have determined to action the proposed change.

You can read the concluding report from each governing body by clicking on the relevant links above.

The schools have written to parents and other stakeholders to advise them of the decision - read the letter (PDF 344.1KB) .

For Everton Lower School’s proposed change of age range, from 3-9 years to 3-11 years, a statutory consultation was undertaken for the proposal in January, the results of which will be reported back to the Councils Executive Member for Education & Skills on 21 March for determination. Because Everton Lower is a community school the consultation process is different to that for the other five schools.

The three schools that were proposing to join together to become a multi-academy trust have placed the proposal on hold. Further information can be found on the respective schools' websites:

Download more about Sandy age range changes (PDF 78.1KB) , including an update regarding those that have been agreed.

Download our letter to all parents of children in year 4 (PDF 72.8KB) at the Sandy lower schools which will change their age range from September 2017, advising what to do next (27 January, 2017)

You can also download a summary of all the age range changes (PDF 85.9KB) that have been proposed and determined for schools and academies within Central Bedfordshire.

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