Flooding and flood risk management

Flooding - reports and supporting documents

On this page, you'll find reports and documents produced by our flood management team.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

You can now view our Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (PDF 2.2MB) online.

A Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) was undertaken as part of the development of the of the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. For more information, please see the following reports:

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (PDF 2.2MB)

SEA Environmental Report (PDF 1.5MB)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessments

We carried out Strategic Flood Risk Assessments in the old Mid and South Bedfordshire District Council administrative areas in 2008. The following reports are available to download:

Mid Beds District Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (PDF 1MB)

South Beds District Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (PDF 1.8MB)

The figures and appendices for these Flood Risk Assessments are large documents and are available on request by emailing Building Control.

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessments

The Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment looks at past flooding and where future flooding might occur across the county and the consequences it might have to people, properties and the environment. The below reports are not intended to be used to identify individual properties that may be at risk of flooding or provide details of where and when flood risk management works will be undertaken. 

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment 2011 document (PDF 1.1MB)

Figure 5.3 - Flood Map for Surface Water in Central Bedfordshire - 1 in 200 Annual Chance (PDF 1.7MB)

Figure 5.4 - Area Susceptible to Ground Water Flooding in Central Bedfordshire (PDF 2MB)

Local flood risk studies

Local flood risk studies have identified three higher risk areas. These initial studies have been completed by JBA Consulting and their recommendations are at present subject to an on going review which will identify the next step. Updates will follow.

Blunham (PDF 2.1MB)

Caddington (PDF 3.1MB)

Wrestlingworth (PDF 3.4MB)

Flood Guide

Our Flood Guide (PDF 899.2KB) offers a range of steps to help you prepare, protect yourself and your property in the event of flooding.

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