Empty properties

Empty home owners - advice and financial support

We want to bring properties back into use through information and advice and / or an Empty Home Loan.

We target homes:

  • that have been empty the longest
  • are open to unauthorised entry
  • in the worst condition

We will provide advice and information to owners and can offer an Empty Homes Loan (EHL) of up to £15,000 which may be available to owners of privately owned homes that have been empty for 1 year or longer.

These interest free loans can be used to:

  • finance renovation works
  • make properties habitable
  • remove hazards
  • make non-decent homes meet decent homes standards

We usually require the property to be let for a period after an EHL-funded renovation, however, this assistance may also be available to help the owner move into the property as their permanent place of residence.

We place a charge for the loan amount against the property. This is for a period of 10 or 30 years (depending on the amount of the loan). If the property is sold within this period then the monies would become repayable (interest-free) to the council.

An ‘enhanced’ level of funding may be available to property owners who are willing to let the renovated property at affordable rents to tenants we nominate, who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Further information can be found on the Empty Homes Loan Factsheet or from the Housing Solutions team on 0300 300 8807 or at housingsolutions@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.

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