Better Care Fund

Developing a Better Care Fund Plan

During 2014 colleagues across Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (BCCG) have worked closely to develop a Better Care Fund Plan for Central Bedfordshire. This plan was submitted for national review in April and received positive comments on progress.

This is a key milestone in moving towards integration. Our Plan sets out our shared vision for health and social care in Central Bedfordshire, rooted in a locality-based delivery model. It describes the agreed strategic approach based with four programmes for delivering integrated care and improved outcomes for older people in Central Bedfordshire.

This diagram (PDF 326.8KB) outlines the vision for delivering Improved Outcomes.

The Better Care Fund Plan in Central Bedfordshire is ambitious and builds on work already taking place across the four localities in Central Bedfordshire: Ivel Valley, West Mid Beds, Chiltern Vale and Leighton Linslade.

Our Plan recognises the importance of shifting resources from hospital- based care to more community- based care in order to secure improved health and care experience and more cost effective use of resources. The four priority programmes outlined in the plan are:

  1. reshaping our prevention and early intervention model – through an integrated approach to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention to stop or reduce deterioration in health
  2. supporting people with long term conditions through multi-disciplinary working – focusing services around General Practice in locality networks and helping people to manage their own conditions in the community
  3. expanding the range of services which support older people with frailty and disabilities – integrating the range of housing, mobility, carers and other services which wrap around older people with specific conditions and issues
  4. restructuring our integrated care pathways for those with urgent care needs – ensuring that these are seamless, clear and efficient to help deliver the clinical shift required to move care away from acute settings, where appropriate

The Better Care Fund Programme will create a minimum pooled fund of £15.290 million in 2015/16 to support the delivery of integrated care with additional funding of £3.425 million from the Adult Social Care budgets making a total of £18.707 million.

During the Summer and Autumn 2014, staff across Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (the local NHS), worked hard to fine tune the plan (PDF 3.1MB) which received full, unconditional approval from NHS England in December 2014.

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