Energy efficiency for schools and academies

Help available through the Schools’ Carbon Reduction Action Plan (SCRAP)

All schools and academies taking part in the scheme receive close support from our Schools’ Energy Officer to help them reduce their energy use and cut their carbon emissions.

Participating schools and academies can access services and recommendations along with support to encourage behaviour change from both staff and students with regards to energy consumption. The set of services have been developed so that they can be adapted to help all that participate make improvements, regardless of their level of involvement in the programme.

Benefits of energy efficiency

The SCRAP programme has been developed to help all schools and academies reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as saving money on utility bills. By taking action now to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, this will help to ensure that local infrastructure is well equipped to cope with a changing economic climate in the years to come.

SCRAP services available to schools and academies

Energy audit, report and action plan – This is the recommended starting point for schools and academies choosing to take part in the SCRAP programme as it provides an understanding of the best opportunities available for energy efficiency savings. The Schools’ Energy Officer will carry out an initial site visit, followed by an energy audit report with energy efficiency recommendations. We will work with you to develop an action plan for the site.

Smart metering and data analysis – One of the most effective ways of delivering efficiency savings is through analysing your energy consumption. Smart meters are a form of technology that provide frequent information on a site’s electricity and gas consumption. The School’s Energy Officer is available to help all schools install smart meters, as well as analysing the data to look at ways of improving energy efficiency.

Investment support, energy purchasing and bill validation – Some sites may benefit from additional investments to improve their energy efficiency, including solar panel technology. The Schools’ Energy Officer can help you find potential funding for these from government programmes and charities.

Pupil workshops, teaching resources and eco schools – Schools and academies which engage pupils with energy efficiency and wider environmental issues often report the largest energy savings. Further energy efficiency can be a great platform to deliver various elements of the curriculum. Through SCRAP you can access pupil workshops, teaching resources and assemblies which have been extremely popular in the past, and used to kick start eco-awareness projects. This includes the Eco Schools campaign, a nationally recognised award programme that helps schools to become more sustainable, and work toward the Eco Schools’ ‘Green Flag’ accreditation.

Download the full technical summary of the services available through SCRAP (PDF 454.8KB) .

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