About adult learning

Resources for learners using the Bedfordshire Education and Skills Service (BESS)

If you are learning on the Bedfordshire Education and Skills Service (BESS) programme, this page has links to information, surveys and online leaning that your tutor may ask you to use within your programme of learning.

Learner satisfaction survey

Complete this survey to give us feedback about what works well and what we could do to improve.

Tell us what you think of your course

Wellbeing impact survey

If you are attending the wellbeing programme, your tutor will ask you to do this survey at the start and end of your course. This is so we know how the activities have helped you.

Tell us how your wellbeing course / workshop helped

Learner outcomes

When you come to the end of your course, your tutor will ask you to complete a learner outcomes form. This is so we know how the course has helped you with positive outcomes.

Tell us how your course has helped with positive outcomes


Your tutor will have talked to you about Prevent during induction or at the start of your course. Prevent is a government initiative to protect people from becoming involved in extremism and terrorism.

This short (2-minute) presentation outlines how Prevent works:


Your tutor will have talked to you about safeguarding and staying safe during induction or at the start of your course. If you have any issues or concerns they will have given you named contacts that you can speak to within their organisation and other information for other ways you can access support. If you feel unable to raise your concern with the training provider you can contact us direct.
Find out how to report a safeguarding concern.

Progressing to further learning

Your tutor might have discussed other BESS courses you could progress to so you can build more skills and knowledge. All upcoming courses can be seen online so you can find a course that meets your needs.

View upcoming courses

Thinking about your strengths and what makes you tick can help you focus on your next steps with learning or work. UCAS' Buzz Quiz can help you find out what you're like and what you could do.

Take the Buzz Quiz on UCAS' website.

Support with further learning and work

If you would like one-to-one support, advice and guidance with further learning or work let us know your details and an adviser will contact you. Support includes access to online resource Kudos AD to help you explore, develop and maximise your potential and you will be given an access code at your one-to-one meeting.

Arrange one-to-one support

See how Kudos AD can help

Find your future

To help you move forwards with work you can visit our careers portal, Find Your Future which has lots of information to support you with finding work or career progression in Bedfordshire.

Visit Find Your Future website

Online learning

Your tutor might have suggested you build some of your skills outside of class time, or you might want to do some learning independently by using online resources. The resources here will cover some of the skills you might need to progress with further learning or work.

Learn My Way

Free online courses on using a computer, browsing the web, sending an email and finding work online.

Find out about the free online IT skills course

Side by Side Prevent

Free Prevent online modules on staying safe online, British values, radicalisation and extremism.

Register for the Side by Side online course