About adult learning

About the adult learning service

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About our service

The Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service (BESS) provides opportunities for adults to get involved in learning within the community. In particular, we aim to work with people who have not achieved a level 2 (or equivalent) qualification and/or are unemployed.

The BESS adult learning programme can help you:

  • get back into learning
  • gain skills and qualifications to help you into work
  • gain skills and qualifications to help you progress at work

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What you can expect from us

Our service aims to provide:

  • good quality, inspiring learning
  • an inclusive and welcoming environment
  • openness, honesty, integrity and trust
  • respecting and valuing each other
  • clear and effective communication
  • co-operating and sharing ideas
  • building skills for further learning and work

Please email adult.learning@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk if you would like to feed back about any aspects.

Courses and workshops

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Contact us

Contact us about joining a course, finding a course that meets your needs or for support into work.

Contact adult learning

Email: adult.learning@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk
Telephone: 0300 300 8131


Our funding

The funding used to support our adult learning comes from the Education and Skills Funding Agency which procures and manages training activity, match funded by European Social Funds.