Why working here is more than just a job

Protecting vulnerable people and improving wellbeing

We will protect the vulnerable, be they children or adults, ensuring that they are not exploited, abused, or suffering as a result of neglect or lack of support. We will also work to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents

We will have a particular focus on two groups.

Children and their families

We want to provide them with the best start in life, by intervening early where necessary.

Older people

We want to enable older people to live healthily, contribute to their communities and maintain independence.

Key components of this will be providing appropriate housing, particularly for the elderly and moving care to focus more on prevention rather than cure, with services and support provided in the right place at the right time. This will require working closely with the National Health Service, to provide services locally seven days a week. Social care will continue to be developed to help people to live independently for as long as possible, either in their own homes with support or in specialist accommodation.

Jobs that help deliver this priority include:

  • Social Workers
  • Team Leaders
  • Support Worker
  • Youth worker
  • 14-19 engagement
  • Care Workers
  • Kitchen Assistant
  • Housing Solutions
  • Community Re-ablement
  • Area Maintenance Surveyor
  • Housing Services
  • Public Health
  • Data Analyst
  • Stop Smoking
  • Community Public Health