Helping you into work

Searching for a job

Some people know what sort of job they are looking for, roughly where it may be and which type of company they will be applying to.

Some people, however, will be happy to have any job just so long as it pays a salary. How you job search, and how much effort you put in to it depends on your situation: but you must be flexible. A job may not come up within 1 mile of your home, so in your search select the maximum distance, and not the minimum.

There are very many job search websites and these can be a good way of finding local vacancies. Typically it is job agencies that are advertising on these sites, and you will need to register with the agency and send them your CV before you can apply for one of these jobs. Some agencies use these sites to collect CVs for jobs that may come up in the future, and so some of the jobs being advertised are not current vacancies. Just be aware of this, and don’t expect to get an interview the first time you send an agency your CV. If you do send off your CV, keep a note of the job title or reference number and the contact details of the agency. You can then chase them up later. It will also save you from applying for the same job again.

Look through the local press. This is where local companies may advertise their vacancies and you will be able to send you CV straight to the employer. To make sure it gets there, you can hand-deliver a copy of your CV with a covering letter.

If you know companies where you might want to work, keep an eye on their websites, as they may only post vacancies on their own site and not use agencies or the press.

Alternatively, you can print off a few copies of your CV and just hand deliver it to companies stating on the covering letter that you are looking for work and would like to be considered for any suitable vacancy. This is called cold-calling and can be hard work, but it does show that you are keen and prepared to work hard. Always remember your contact details in the covering letter, with an email address if possible as this is easy and free for the company to reply to you. You could enclose a stamped address envelope, but this will cost you money with no guarantee that they will use it.

Wherever you are looking: be it the internet, press or websites, keep an eye on them and check regularly as jobs are posted everyday and you want to make sure that you apply for all those you like the look of.

Don’t expect an answer from each application or CV you send off. If you hear back from 1 in 10, you are doing well! You only need to hear back from the right one to get the job you want, so don’t give up and keep trying.