Budget 2020

Have your say on the budget

It’s now ten years since Central Bedfordshire Council was created as a new authority. Over the past decade two of our driving ambitions have been providing value for money to local residents and investing in good quality services.

And since we came into existence in 2009, we’ve delivered £150million of efficiency savings through prudent financial management and thinking differently about how we work. Unlike many other councils across the country, we’ve not only maintained our frontline services like libraries, leisure centres and roads, we’ve also been investing in many of them too. 

But while we will continue to be focused on our drive to deliver efficiencies, there is increasing demand on some of our most vital services. In addition, the way council services are funded has changed, with less and less grant funding being made available to the council from central government. This means we have to make some tough decisions about what we will fund and how we will use council tax to do so.

We’re proud of our track record in not increasing council tax at all for many years, but the loss of grant funding means we can’t continue to protect services without asking residents to help to pay for them through council tax increases. The challenge we face is balancing our desire to protect services and to meet the increasing demands we face, without putting unrealistic burdens on local people.

This diagram shows how council funding has changed over recent years. The revenue grant from central Government used to make up around 25% of our funding, it’s now zero. 

Revenue grant

The following pages summarise the budget proposals and you can have your say by completing our online questionnaire. The full suite of budget papers are available online to read as part of the papers for Executive meeting.