Personal care and support at All Saints View

Personal care and support at All Saints View, Houghton Regis

All Saints View enables you to live a rich and fulfilling life, with easy access to on-site care and support through our care provider Care is Central, available 24 hours a day, so we can help you maintain your independence and live your life to the full.

If you don't need care and support but want to plan for the future, All Saints View is an ideal way of having your own home in a vibrant community, without worrying so much about what the future holds.

Often, residents find it reassuring to live in a place where each person can have their needs catered for, allowing them to continue living together even if one or both needs more care in the future.

If you need care now or in the future, your needs will be assessed to make sure that your care is personalised to your own requirements. Services will be charged as required and costs will vary according to the amount of care needed. Our aim is to provide a flexible, affordable service.

The offer of a property is subject to a general affordability and well-being assessment, which will be arranged during the application process. Likewise, the cost of living at All Saints View and any concessions or financial support available in relation to taking on a lease or tenancy will be made clear to you before you make any firm commitment.

Independent living

The term ‘independent living’ (also known as ‘extra care’ or ‘housing with care’) describes a housing development of self-contained homes that has personal care available 24 hours a day, delivered by an on-site team.

As an independent living development, All Saints View offers people who choose to move there, high quality, affordable homes that are part of a vibrant community along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that care is available on-site, if and when needed.

The benefits of independent living include:

  • a modern home of your own of a manageable size
  • a secure living environment
  • a range of facilities and social activities on your doorstep
  • peace of mind that 24-hour care is available on-site

Even people who need a lot of care can get what they need in independent living. This very often means that people can avoid going into a residential care home later in life. It also means that couples can stay living together even if one or both has or develops care needs.

Questions and answers

How do I know the on-site care service is of good quality?

We work in partnership with Care is Central to provide a high quality of care that is both accessible and affordable. Care is Central is registered and regulated by The Care Quality Commission to ensure national quality standards are continually met.

We meet with the care team regularly to support continuous service improvement. Within these arrangements, we'll work with Care is Central and the Care Quality Commission to ensure you get the care you need. Visit Care is Central to find out more.

Do I need to have care needs to access independent living?

Although All Saints View is ideal for people with a range of care needs, including people who require a lot of help throughout the day and night, we want to ensure that there is a mix of people in the community, so we will consider people who have low care needs. This may include people with conditions that mean they are likely to have a higher care need in the future. If you wish to be considered for an apartment, we'll assess your care and support needs.

Can I receive care?

Yes. If you need social care support, we'll assess your needs and agree them with you. You can then use the on-site care team or arrange your own care, with our support, if required.

Care is Central offers as much or as little help as needed, from assistance with everyday tasks to extensive care during the day and night.

Their highly trained care team are on-site to offer support. If you need specialist care, we'll work closely with healthcare providers and other specialists to find, wherever possible, solutions that help you to live independently.

Where will my care be delivered?

Usually, personal care will be delivered in your own home but could also take place in one of the spas within the scheme, or in other locations if your needs include social support.

The service is flexible and can support you even if your needs increase or reduce.

Can I use a wheelchair in the building?

Yes. All Saints View is designed as an accessible environment both within each individual apartments and all communal areas. Individual adaptations can be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about your access needs, you can ask us during your application.

How much will I have to pay for care?

There are two elements to this. There is the Independent Living Care Charge which all residents of All Saints View pay as one of the charges for living there. This charge helps ensure that there is care available at all times to anyone who needs it, whether that is on a regular basis or in an emergency. This element of the scheme charges is currently £73.67 per month.

If you require regular care and support, the amount you need will be assessed and agreed with you. The amount that you pay towards the cost of this care will be dependent on your financial circumstances. We will assess this and also provide advice about financial assistance that you may be able to apply for.

What if I need aids and/or adaptations?

The building is designed to make it easy for people with disabilities to live there. You may find that you require less in the way of adaptations than where you currently live. For example, all apartments have a level access shower, and there are accessible bathing spas throughout the building. As part of the assessment process for coming to All Saints View, where necessary, an occupational therapy assessment can work out what extra equipment or adaptations you might need.

Can I find out more about the care provider Care is Central?

Care is Central is a private care company, founded by Central Bedfordshire Council to offer care services in a new and agile way to the residents of Central Bedfordshire. They believe everyone has the right to live a fulfilling life for as long as possible and their care teams provide support for individuals in independent living schemes and private homes, offering the highest level of care based on genuine kindness and empathy. You can visit Care is Central or call on 01234 385640 to talk through any queries you may have.

What's next? Find out about lifestyles at All Saints View

All Saints View will offer the opportunity for you to make the most of life – being as sociable or active as you want. We encourage residents to have an active lifestyle and will support people to feel empowered to meet their aspirations.

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